Why TTouch can be an effective holistic tool to alliviate pain and stress

By Sarah Fisher (© Sarah Fisher)

The Tellington TTouch (TTEAM) is a truly unique method of working with all animal species. Developed by Linda Tellington Jones, the Tellington TTouch uses simple body movements (TTouches) to improve circulation and co-ordination and to enhance general health. Where appropriate, ground exercises may be used in combination with the TTouches to restore function in both chronic and acute conditions. TTouch can also reduce the risk of injury and ill health. It helps the animal move into a more balanced emotional, mental and physical state and thus can aid recovery and longevity.

TTouch helps to reduce tension and promotes an overall sense of well-being and calm. It blends well with many other modalities and has been used in conjunction with veterinary care to help animals overcome many physical problems associated with illness and old age such as hip dysplasia, spondylosis, cruciate ligament damage, digestive disturbances, arthritis, paralysis, epilepsy and general poor health. It has proved to be a vital tool in postoperative care and is used widely around the world by animal trainers, chartered physiotherapists, animal owners, care-givers and veterinarians. Tom Beckett, a veterinarian based in the US describes the Tellington TTouch in the following way:

When pain or impaired nerve or muscle function disable a part of the body, TTEAM induces the animal to activate any available alternate neuromuscular pathways to restore function. The awareness it brings often relieves associated pain. Injuries often leave a holding pattern of pain and impaired function in the injured area. This pattern persists below awareness long after healing is complete, blocks aware use of that body part and thereby creates stress on distant areas, which must overwork to compensate. Such chronic distress effects general health, ‘mood’ and behaviour. TTEAM uses TTOUCH to bring these patterns to awareness, and (ground) exercises, which guide the organisation of more healthful, balanced movement.

The Tellington TTouch enables you to help your pet, and allows you to become involved in the healing process in a way that is as unique as the bond between you and the animal in your care. It helps to create a deeper connection with your pet and gives you a greater awareness and understanding of your animal companion. It is not necessary to adopt the whole philosophy of the Tellington TTouch to make a difference to your pet. By learning some of the TTouches you can help your pet overcome a variety of problems, and as many unwanted behavioural issues arise from discomfort, stress, pain and ill health, harmony can be restored to the animal on all levels.

The Tellington TTouch supports both the animal and the care-giver. It is a holistic approach to animal management and can literally save lives through the simple and highly effective techniques that owners and care-givers can learn without prior knowledge of anatomy or alternative therapies. Touch is non-invasive. It is not just for the animal presenting symptoms of poor health. By incorporating TTouch into our daily lives we can help minimize the debilitating effects of stress and work towards keeping our pets free from injury and disease. As TTouch can easily be used in conjunction with other modalities such as acupuncture, it is a useful tool for almost everyone!

Sarah Fisher is a UK TTouch Practitioner for both Companion Animals and Horses. Sarah runs the Training Program in the UK and has had her own television series featuring TTouch work with many species of animals!

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