Toys for your cat

Cat toys need to be activated – moving – in order to make them fun for felines. Look at the following ideas for keeping your cat stimulated:

Fishing rod toys:

These are easy to make and great fun to play with. You can drag one past his line of vision and keep him interested by keeping it moving and twitching. Remember to let him catch it every now and then to keep him interested!


Purchase a few cat sized balls and leave them around the house. Ping Pong balls are ideal, as well as anything that has a bell inside it. You will need to keep taking them out from under the furniture and from behind fridges etc – a sure sign that they’re being used.

Furry toy mice:

These are fabulous and most cats adore them. Just remember to remove them when they get torn into bits.

Kitty treat balls:

Yes, you do get treat balls for cats. You can either buy these or you can make your cat’s life interesting by moving food bowls around the house so he has to find them. Cats are designed to need to catch up to 10 mice a day, so it is your responsibility to keep them stimulated or you’ll end up with a lethargic, bored cat.

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