The Company

ThinkingPets was started in June 2006 by Karin Pienaar (Landsberg)an internationally accredited behaviourist and trainer and was later joined by Professor Peter Neville an internationally recognised behaviourist and lecturer as well as one of the founders of the COAPE organisation based in the UK and Wendy Wilson an internationally accredited behaviourist and trainer.  ThinkingPets was purchased by Leigh Shenker in December 2015.  Leigh is now at the helm of taking ThinkingPets forward. ThinkingPets still maintains close ties with COAPE SA and is their preferred service provider of training qualifications.

The main focal points of ThinkingPets are to train instructors nationwide to provide puppy socialization, adolescent, adult and rehabilitation training classes using scientifically sound training methods.

We also aim to establish a network of highly educated professionals that can assist pet owners with their pets using modern training techniques. Our services include offering puppy and kitten socialization schools, individual adolescent and adult training, group adolescent and adult training and behavioural rehabilitation training. Training uses clicker and other forms of force free training only. We are also available for lecturing, public talks and hosting workshops .

ThinkingPets offers comprehensive training courses for people wishing to become involved in the field of Animal Training. Each ThinkingPets instructor is required to attend a rigorous training course, as well as ongoing educational workshops throughout the year to ensure the highest level of training and experience in our classes, as well as guaranteeing that everyone who hosts a ThinkingPets class is up to date with the latest scientifically soundtraining techniques used internationally.

We strive to offer owners peace of mind that they will receive the very best when dealing with anyone working under the ThinkingPets banner.


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