Tammy Sales


Area: Robinhills, Randburg
Tel: 084 644 9641
Puppy Socialization for puppies and adolescent dogs up to 18 months

Since before I can remember, I have been passionate about animals and teaching. Every day after school my mom would find me outside either in the saddle training my naughty little Welsh pony, running my faithful and patient German Shepherd over a make-shift agility course of garden fences and brooms, or teaching my friends how to do the abovementioned activities. It is no wonder that I landed up becoming a teacher. I currently teach high school Mathematics. For many years I was also a horse riding instructor.

Although I love horses, at the beginning of 2014 I discovered my true passion in dog training. My husband and I own a beautiful Golden Retriever named Riley who I compete with in obedience and who I am training to be an agility star! Riley has also shown me how quickly and enthusiastically a dog learns using positive reinforcement and clicker training. After helping at a puppy school in Cape Town, I moved to Johannesburg and did the Confi Puppy course through ThinkingPets.

Owning a dog can be an amazing, but often frustrating experience. As a trainer, my aim is to provide tools to help owners communicate clearly and consistently with their puppies right from the start, in a way that is fun and rewarding for everyone involved. It is incredibly gratifying to see a puppy learn, become well-socialised and grow into a confident and balanced adult dog. I run a puppy school in Robinhills.

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