Rehabilitation dog training course

This course is especially designed for those who work closely with behaviour practitioners doing rehabilitation dog training for dogs that exhibit challenging behaviour.
If a dog is showing behaviour concerns an accredited and qualified behaviourist will see the dog and then implement a behaviour modification programme which addresses many issues from diet to environmental enrichment and very often a very specialised training programme will be implemented to address the specific needs of that particular dog.

It often happens that distance and time may affect the behaviourists ability to implement a specialised training programme and will then make use of a trainer who has specialised in this area of training.

Behaviours that may need to be worked on in a very specialised training programme are Dog to dog aggression; Dog to human aggression; Uncontrollable barking and compulsive behaviours to name a few. These are behaviours that require specialist knowledge and usually cannot be addressed in the normal class setting.
This is a specialist short course designed for those who have completed the Confi-Puppy and the Adult dog training course


Course Type:  3 Correspondence modules with assessments

Course Duration: 4 months

Course Fee: R5500

Practical component: Students must be able to view video and send footage in to their tutor to be assessed. A practical workbook will be completed as part of the course.

Course dates: This course can be completed at anytime and from any geographical location.

Abilities required for this course: This course contains practical assessment activities which involve sight, hearing observation and physical interactions/handling skills.

Students must be computer literate and have the use of a computer with internet access.

A good command of the English language is essential.

* Course prices are subject to change

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