Linsey Lester

DipCapt (NOCN uk)

Puppy classes and behaviour consults

Tel: 0725953782
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“Although always a pet owner, when I adopted my boxer Kiara in 2011 my interest in animal behaviour and training blossomed.  I started working in a veterinary practice and completed courses in Early, Intermediate and Advanced Canine Development (hosted by Quixi Sonntag) and qualified as a Hills Puppy School instructor in early 2012. I have also completed the puppy instructor courses offered by Thinking Pets and in 2015 I gained the COAPE diploma in Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour.

I have run puppy 1 & 2 classes since 2012 and I thoroughly enjoy working with young puppies during the crucial socialisation period. My interest and the necessity to help puppies that need more intensive training is growing. By applying my knowledge as a behaviourist and trainer into one on one training sessions and remedial Puppy 2 classes, I am dedicated to helping puppies that have missed the opportunity to train in a beginner class and find it difficult to cope in a class environment.

I am committed to ensuring that with the time you spend training your puppy, you achieve the maximum results and that the bond between you and your puppy flourishes through mutual understanding.”

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