Confi-Puppy Course

This course is ideal for someone who has always dreamed of working with dogs and will provide you with all the information necessary to start your own puppy school, as well as all the relevant behavioural information needed to offer exceptional puppy classes to new pet owners.This course is also ideal for people who work with puppies like breeders and people who work in welfare organisations. This course will also enable you to become a prestigious ThinkingPets Guild Member.


Course Type:  3 Correspondence modules with assessments

Course Duration: 4 months

Course Fee: R4000

Practical component: Students must be able to view video and send footage in to their tutor to be assessed. A practical workbook will be completed as part of the course.

Course dates: This course can be completed at any time and from any geographical location.

Abilities required for this course: This course contains practical assessment activities which involve sight, hearing observation and physical interactions/handling skills.

Students must be computer literate, have the use of a computer with internet access.

A good command of the English language is essential.

* Course prices are subject to change

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